1. Mileage (Country average (20000 km / year)
  2. No added costs for: road tax, tires (i.e. normal wear and tear), insurance, servicing, MOT, or registration.
  3. 24 – Hour Road Assistance.
  4. Replacement car in case of a breakdown.
  5. No need for a high interest, large bank loan upon arrival in Cyprus.
  6. None of the hassle of buying privately, inheriting other people’s car problems and paying high unexpected repair costs.
  7. None of the headaches of last minute selling of a used car
  8. British Forces personnel who are short-toured or deployed off the island can simply return the car and minimize costs.
  9. Enjoy FIXED PRICE MOTORING (no hidden costs).

Take advantage of our unique packages, tailored to your needs, in order to make your stay as cost-effective and trouble free as possible.

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